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How to Extend the Life of Your SUP: Five Easy Tips

Easy tips for getting the most out of your SUP One of the most critical factors in being a sustainable paddler is extending the life...
Gimmick or Game Changer, Kai Lenny, SUP Foil

Gimmick or Game Changer: Examining Innovations in SUP

The intent behind Gimmick or Game Changer is to examine some of the innovations in SUP to evaluate whether or not their claims will...
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Meet Sayulita’s Newest Star – Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo

A Conversation With Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo - SUP Athlete and All Around Waterman The idyllic Mexican fishing town of Sayulita has produced a line of...
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ISA Acquires Minority Ownership in APP World Tour

ISA officially sanctions APP World Tour, APP exclusively aligns with ISA as world governing body for stand up paddling APP World Tour. The International Surfing...
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Wear That PFD

  “Safety first” can sound like an annoying cliché, but on the water it really means something. Everyone knows what a  Personal Flotation Device (PFD)...