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5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season With Thanksgiving done and dusted, the holidays are in full...
I paddle for equality, sup examiner, pacific paddle games, onit pro, annabel anderson, candice appleby, infinity sup, infinity blackfish, best performance

I Paddle For Equality: Support Gender Equality in Sports

I paddle for equality sweeps the SUP community I paddle for equality. Arguable the gnarliest standup paddling race in the world has come and gone,...
ESPRO, coffee, paddlexaminer, coffee press, tea press, ultralight, reusable

Coffee: Make the Cup you Love with ESPRO

Ultralight coffee press from ESPRO The name sounds spookily like espresso and for good reason. Espresso coffee is often...
sunglasses, amevie, bamboo, paddlexaminer, rebecca parsons, keep it green

Amevie Bamboo Sunglasses: Sustainable & Charitable

Amevie Bamboo Sunglasses The inspiration for Amevie came from owner Ana Caracaleanu’s personal struggle with an autoimmune disorder. The disorder made her extremely sensitive to...
One board quiver, sup examiner, board bag, pau hana, big eZ, ricochet

One Board Quiver: Board Bag Examination

One Board Quiver: The Board Bag I like board bags. I like keeping my board safe from dings and wacks. Yes, I’m a nervous nelly...