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Gear Review: KanuLock Tie Downs – Lockable Tie Downs For Everyday Use

What are They Why You Should Have a Set KanuLocks are lockable tie down straps which cannot be cut with a knife or scissors. Pretty cool,...
Belt Pack PFD, Dana Point, OnIt Pro

Wear That PFD: An Examination of Inflatable Belt Pack PFDs

Belt Pack PFDs This is going to happen to you. You’re going to say it won’t because you’re a very safety-conscious person, but it will. You’ll...
Florida's Gulf Coast, SUP Examiner, stand up paddling, SUP, paddleboarding, florida beaches

Best Beaches for Stand Up Paddling on the Gulf Coast

How To Find The Best Beaches For Stand Up Paddling On Florida's Gulf Coast You love stand-up paddleboarding. You live for it. You can’t wait...
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Sierra Nevada Paddle | Marina del Rey | June 27, 2020

When: Saturday, June 27, 2020Where: Mother's Beach - Marina del Rey, California 8:15amLaunch from Mother's Beach
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The Stand Up Paddle Book by Nate Burgoyne

The Stand Up Paddle Book by Nate Burgoyne I’ve always loved books that brought me to the sea. Whether it was a manual on SCUBA,...