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Vaikobi, SIC Bullet V2, Santa Monika Pier, V Cold Pant, Quickblade

V Cold Paddle Pant from Vaikobi

Australia is home to many of the world’s finest watermen and waterwomen. It is therefore unsurprising to find that Sydney-based paddle sports apparel manufacturer...
one board quiver, ian berger, sup examiner, pau hana, hudson river paddling

The One Board Quiver: Downstream, Both Ways

The One Board Quiver I wanted to try out my Pau Hana Big EZ Ricochet as a workout machine. It isn’t one, of course —...
Keep it Green, NSP Cocomat Range, Harmless Harvest, DC Surf Wide, Rebecca Parsons, PaddleXaminer, San Onofre State Beach, SUP Surfing

Sustainable Swimwear: Josea Swimwear

There's more than one way to keep things green! In 2016 Jocelyn Kotulla (Jocy) embarked on a mission to create the perfect surf bikini. She...
Hudson River, PaddleXaminer, hudson highlander

Paddling the Hudson River: Day Four

Empanadas and a fish in my shoe Our last day on the Hudson River started at 1:30 AM....
Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company, SUP Examiner, SuP Shops, New York

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company: New York

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company Five locations in Upstate New York www.mountainmanoutdoors.com Rentals: Yes Lessons: Yes About Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company The east coast of America is not the center of the...