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SUP Wheels: The Solution to SUP Transportation

Great innovation to transport your SUP to those hard to reach paddling spots Races intimidate me. Not so much the actual act of racing but...
UB Super

UB Super Aids Recovery, Provides Valuable Post-Paddle Nutrition

UB Super The selection of nutritional supplements, meal replacement shakes, and related performance enhancing products is a virtual minefield of claims and promises. Consumers are...
iphone 7 plus, sup examiner, snowlizard

New iPhone 7 Plus Case From SnowLizard

The new answer in Waterproof, Solar-powered, Rugged Style and Protection SnowLizard, creators of accessories that protect, power and enhance the usability of the latest mobile...
Hudson Highlands, Ian Berger, Plastic SUP

I Paddle Plastic: Adventures Along the Hudson Highlands

Paddling a Plastic SUP through the Hudson Highlands You can almost guarantee this. The more years a person’s been paddling, the better the equipment. Most of...
sustainable sup, sup examiner, nsp sup, infinity sup, cocomat sups, rebecca parsons, standup paddling

Eco Boards: Sustainable SUPs are Surging

Why choose a sustainable SUP Every day, every hour, every minute we make decisions that impact our environment. The amount of water you use...