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stand up paddling, michael kelley, sup examiner

My Stand Up Paddling Story: I Used to be a Surfer

My Journey to  Stand Up Paddling I used to be a surfer. A wake up early, charge every day, hard-core surfer. I have fond memories...
Best performance, sup examiner, audrey lee, recovery 101

Standup Paddling: Recovery 101

Recovery 101 I am a firm believer that recovery is essential to best performance; however, it is also the hardest to do. As athletes, we...
Bandicoot headlamp, paddlexaminer

Gear Review: Bandicoot Headlamp From Knog

PaddleXaminer met with a representative of Knog at the Summer OR this past summer in Denver. The rep walked us through the...
shoes, adidas parley, paddlexaminer, whitewater paddling

Gear Review: Adidas Parley Boat Shoes

When paddling rivers you want to protect your feet from the rocks, sticks, and other debris in and around the river; the...
Hala Radito, PaddleXaminer, inflatable SUP, los angeles river, glendale narrows, hala gear, los angeles, whitewater

The Hala Radito is One Rad Inflatable SUP

Hala Radito - Versatile whitewater SUP for all levels Have you wanted to try whitewater SUP? If so, the Hala Radito may be the board...