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Tips from the Top: Paddling Tips Gleaned from the Pacific Paddle Games

Making the Most Out of the Pacific Paddle Games Major SUP events are always a great opportunity to pick up a few tips from other...
dugout, flat deck, sup, standup paddlboard, infinity downtown, paddlexaminer, dave boehne

Dugout vs Flat Deck SUPs: What’s the Difference?

Hi PaddleXaminer,I’m starting to look at new boards and the dugout shape caught my eye.  any shot you will write an article...

An Overview of Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita Nestled near the southwestern tip of State of Nayarit, Sayulita sits on a section of scenic coastline known simply as the Riviera Nayarit.Long known...
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Gear Review: Adidas Parley Boat Shoes

When paddling rivers you want to protect your feet from the rocks, sticks, and other debris in and around the river; the...
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Spy Sunglasses: Firm Fit, Happy Lenses and No Fog

Spy Sunglasses: Perfect for SUP and outrigger paddling Having the right pair of sunglasses for paddling is critical. Polarized lenses are a given as are...