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buoy wear, floating hat, waterproof hat, trucker hat, paddlexaminer

Buoy Wear: The Floating Hat

A hat that floats! Headwear is an essential water sport accessory to protect your head from the sun if...
Gear Guide, sup examiner, onit pro, sup fin

Gear Guide: Tested For You By Our Team

Our personal gear guide, this stuff works, trust us! Infinity New Deal: When thinking of SUP surfing, I can’t help but plug my favorite company...
hudson river, the great swamp, hudson highlander, paddlexaminer

Back to the Water: Venturing out on the Hudson River in Spring

Hudson Highlander hits the water after the spring thaw The ice is gone. No more blizzards in the...
Veterans Day, paddlexaminer

California State Parks Thanks Military Community by Providing Free Admission at 144 State Parks...

California State Parks is honoring the service of veterans, as well as active and reserve personnel, by offering free admission to 144...
paddling technique, onit pro, sup examiner, paddling, training

How to Improve and Maintain Your Speed While Paddling

A version of this article in Japanese is available at the conclusion of the original text. The Japanese version is made possible through a partnership between...