Classifieds: New and used SUPs, outrigger canoes, surfskis, gear and more!

PaddleXaminer’s Classifieds section is a fantastic platform to market your new and used products to an enthusiastic audience of paddlers. Whether you are an individual looking to sell a board or gear, advertise your services, a manufacturer with excess inventory to move or a retail shop looking to expand your exposure, SUP Examiner’s Classifieds have a place for everyone.

The PaddleXaminer Advantage

Listing your products and services in PaddleXaminer’s Classifieds enables you to engage directly with the paddling community. Unlike Craigslist, your listing will not expire after a short duration, nor will you have to post it to multiple regions to reach your desired audience. Similarly, while Facebook groups can have some utility, they are often limited in scope and posts easily become lost in the flotsam and jetsam of social media overload.

On PaddleXaminer, you have the opportunity to present your listing to readers across the site and through our social media channels.

  • Create your listing: Offers a categorized listing for your product or service for 60 days, inclusion in the Latest Classified Listings sidebar across the entire site, social media posts and inclusion in our newsletter, The Dispatch.