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Gear Review: Body Glove Dynamo Ribcage Water Shoe

Dynamo Ribcage - Ready for any and every adventure When Body Glove first contacted me about reviewing their Dynamo Ribcage Water Shoe I honestly wasn’t...
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The beginner’s mind: How to Take Your Paddling to the Next Level

Simple Steps to Improve Your Paddling “Catch every little bump!” yelled Connor Baxter as he flew past me skipping away on the water. Connor was...
ACA Certification, PaddleXaminer

Getting Certified ACA Level II

When I started my nonprofit Hudson Valley H2O, I became the executive director of a paddling organization. Sounds fancy, right? All that...
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Balance: Paddling’s Essential Element

Exploring the critical component of balance I am 52 years old. OK, I’ve said it. My two teenage...
sup racer, paddleboard & outrigger races, sup examiner, onit pro, sup racing

Paddleboard & Outrigger Races and Events

The Week Ahead is a weekly column listing paddleboard & outrigger races and events across North America and select events from around the world....