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Lanakila canoes, King Harbor, Redondo Beach, outrigger canoes, paddlexaminer

Los Angeles Paddlers Lead Ocean Cleanup on Labor Day

The Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club led a flotilla of several dozen paddlers in an ocean cleanup on Labor Day morning. The ocean...
Quickblade Paddles, travel paddle, telescoping travel paddle, sup examiner, jim terrellvideo

Quickblade Introduces Telescoping Travel Paddle

Telescoping travel paddle: lightweight performance in a convenient package As new paddling events pop up each year across North America and around the world, incorporating...
Ollie Shilston, UK SUP Scene, stand up paddling, sup examiner, cornwall

Tips from the Top with Ollie Shilston

Hailing from Cornwall, along the rugged southwestern tip of England, Ollie Shilston has quickly established himself as one of the fastest paddlers in the...
OnIt Pro, Pacific Paddle Games, Quickblade Paddles, Match Stick, Father and Son, SUP Event, SUP Racing, Dana Point, Doheny State Beach

Tips from the Top: Paddling Tips Gleaned from the Pacific Paddle Games

Making the Most Out of the Pacific Paddle Games Major SUP events are always a great opportunity to pick up a few tips from other...
Payette River Games, Jonas Letieri

All Heart at the Payette River Games: The Jonas Letieri Story

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden, Collegiate Hall of Fame Basketball Coach - UCLA There were many story...