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Grant Hardiman, Vaikobi, PFD, water safety, Ocean Racing PFD

The Vaikobi Ocean Racing PFD

Australian paddle sports apparel manufacturer Vaikobi has thoughtfully engineered a lightweight, vest style PFD to meet the growing market for performance oriented safety equipment...
Quiksilver belt pack PFD

Quiksilver Belt Pack PFD

Quiksilver The Quiksilver belt pack PFD is an easy to use Coast Guard approved Type V belt pack style PFD. The exterior of the pack...
SOSpenders PFD

SOSpenders Belt Pack PFD from Sterns

SOSpenders The SOSpenders 16 gram manual belt pack from Sterns is a lightweight, low profile, Coast Guard approved Type V belt pack style PFD. The exterior...

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Personal Flotation Device, Sun Protection Zone, PFD

Sun Protection Zone Personal Flotation Device

The popular outdoor apparel manufacture Sun Protection Zone has introduced a new Personal Flotation Device (PFD) to the marketplace as an accessory to their...
PaddleXaminer, Seychelle, OnIt Pro, SIC Maui, Battle of the Bay

Spotlight on Seychelle: The Golden Girl of SUP

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Five Things All New SUP Surfers Should Know

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Outdoor Retailer, paddlexaminer

Summer Outdoor Retailer Show Goes Virtual

Outdoor Retailer today announced the new Outdoor Retailer Online platform which will serve as the place for the outdoor community to connect...