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Arken, paddlexaminer

Introducing Arken – Swim Trunks That Take Water Safety to the Next Level!

There are many water safety devices around, yet still, none that could challenge the classic bulky life jacket that’s been around for centuries...
Vaikobi VDRY Vest, Paddling, Dry gear, paddlexaminer

Vaikobi VDRY Paddling Vest: Gear Review

Vaikobi VDRY - Stay dry, stay warm, be happy I moved to Los Angeles in January 2008 for work...
MTI Vibe, paddlexaminer, infinity sup, infinity surfboards, life jacket, PFD

MTI Vibe: One PFD for all Types of Paddling

Are you looking to downsize your PFD collection? So you’re a paddler who’s active in more than one paddling...

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lifestraw, paddlexaminer

Gear Review: LifeStraw Hydration Products

Staying hydrated is important no matter what activity you’re doing: backpacking, skiing or paddling. LifeStraw has a plethora of products to fit...
Wicked Audio Reach, Bluetooth, Headphones, Reach, sup examiner

Gear Review: Wicked Audio’s Reach Converts Wired Headphones To Bluetooth

Wicked Audio Delivers A Convenient Way to Use Your Headphones Wicked Audio, manufacturers of stylish headphones for the musician, athlete and active soul in all...
La Ventana Classic, SUP Examiner

2018 La Ventana Classic Registration About to Open

La Ventana Classic This winter escape to warm weather and good times. Enjoy the La Ventana Classic, a raucous, adventurous and unique windsport/paddle sport event....
SUP sledding, paddleboard, new york, paddling, paddlexaminer

What Else Can You do With Your Paddleboard?

Some things you might have thought to do with your paddleboard What can I do with my paddleboard?...
electric bike, Rungu Electric Juggernaut, Rungu, Pacific Paddle Games, SUP Examiner, Dana Point, Doheny State Beach

Gear Review: Rungu Electric Juggernaut

One of the many exciting aspects of attending a major SUP event such as the Pacific Paddle Games is the opportunity to learn about...