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Costa Sunglasses Ferg, paddlexaminer, hala, rado, paddling

Gear Review: Costa Ferg Sunglasses

Styles of sunglasses are constantly evolving, Costa Sunglasses is on the innovative edge of these cycles; as new ideas come up, Costa...
Mother's Day, paddlexaminer, gift guide

The PaddleXaminer Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and in the crazy times in which we are currently living it’s especially important to recognize and...
Casio Pro Trek, paddlexaminer

CASIO Expands PRO TREK Lineup With New Titanium Timepieces

New PRT-B50 Models Offer Sleek Design and Connected Features  Casio America, Inc., is pleased to announce the latest additions to...

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Best performance, sup examiner, audrey lee, recovery 101

Standup Paddling: Recovery 101

Recovery 101 I am a firm believer that recovery is essential to best performance; however, it is also the hardest to do. As athletes, we...
Sensi Graves Bikinis, paddlexaminer

Sensi Graves Bikinis Moves to 100% Recycled Fabrics in 2020 Line

In 2012, professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves launched her eponymous swimwear label, Sensi Graves Bikinis, to meet the demands of her sport. After...
Tom Jones, Photo, Peter Byrne

Tom Jones Sun Protection Zone Paddling Gear

It's easy to stay protected from the sun when we're at home, even if we're outside we can take shelter in outdoor storage buildings,...
spibelt, paddlexaminer carry small items

SPIbelt: Effective Solution to Carry Small Items

Small + Personal +Item + belt = SPIbelt Are you an active person who always listens to tunes or...
Sonni Hönscheid, sup examiner, stand up paddling

Sonni Hönscheid: A Portrait of Excellence

Hailing from the desert island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Germany’s Sonni Hönscheid has literally been rotating her home from one exotic island...