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Kenny Kaneko running with a Kialoa Hulu Double Bend at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle-California. Photo, OnIt Pro

Hulu Double Bend from Kialoa

Kialoa Paddles was founded in 1990 by Oahu native Dave Chun and his wife Meg as an extension of Dave’s passion for outrigger canoe...
Ke Nalu, Konihi, sup paddle, sup examiner, gear review

The Konihi from Ke Nalu

Light and responsive, the Konihi from Ke Nalu is a unique take on blade innovation with its signature “winglets”, the blade’s defining feature. Ke...
Quickblade Paddles V Drive and SIC Maui X-14 Pro, SUP Examiner, Photo, Jennifer Gregory

The Quickblade V Drive

Selected by SUP Examiner as the 2014 Gear of the Year, the V Drive from Quickblade Paddles is one of the most innovative paddle...

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2016 Holiday Gear Guide: Great Gifts For Your Favorite Paddler

Holiday Gear Guide: Here’s What We Recommend The holiday season is a great time to stoke out your friends and family on some new gear,...
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Sustainable Swimwear: Zimzala Swim

Zimzala Swim - Swimwear for life's adventures Georgia and Kendall are adventurers at heart. United by a passion for travel, the two met in the...
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All Good, a Leader in #ReefFriendly Sunscreens

Hawaii's governor, David Ige, signed a bill earlier this summer banning the sale and distribution of sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Both chemicals...
Callie's Cause

Callie’s Cause

Catalina Island draws scores of visitors each year, the vast majority of which travel to the quasi exotic locale via one of the numerous...
Fifty-Fifty Bottles

Gear Review: Fifty-Fifty Bottles

The growing interest in environmental sustainability is fueling a resurgence in the designer water bottle market as cheap, disposable plastic bottles of water become...