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Telic flip flops

Gear Review: From a Paddle to the Promenade, Walk All Day in Telic Sandals

Telic Footwear In a time when most footwear is made in inexpensive labor markets overseas, Telic’s slogan, “What Made in America Feels Like”, is a...
Tom Jones, Photo, Peter Byrne

Tom Jones Sun Protection Zone Paddling Gear

It's easy to stay protected from the sun when we're at home, even if we're outside we can take shelter in outdoor storage buildings,...

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Sensi Graves: Bikinis for Girls who Rip

A Review of Sensi Graves Bikinis I think every girl can relate to the struggle of finding a bikini that actually stays on. Bottoms down,...
OnIt Pro Tent

SUP Deck and Paddle Wax from OnIt Pro

If you have taken part in a stand up paddling event in North America, chances are you have been photographed by OnIt Pro. Their tent...
starboard trash picker, world oceans day, sup examiner, keep it green

Starboard Introduces Paddle Trash Picker to Honor World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day The ocean covers 71% of planet Earth and is responsible for roughly 97% of all water on our blue planet. The...
Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach

Crowd Conversion: Surfing to SUP at Malibu’s Surfrider Beach

Surfrider Beach, Malibu Some media outlets and individuals have a disposition towards playing up the “animosity” between stand up paddle surfers and what I tend...
Kuhl, SIC FX Pro, Pacific Paddle Games, Mutiny River Shorts

Kühl’s Mutiny River Shorts and Shadow Hoody Excel in the Outdoors

Kühl Mutiny River Shorts and Shadow Hoody Known throughout the outdoor industry for making high quality outdoor and lifestyle apparel with a unique sense of...