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Body Glove Barefoot T3, water shoes, sup examiner, ian berger

I Got My Feet

Examining the Body Glove 3T Barefoot water shoes I’m going to admit to a bit of snobbery. A few years ago my wife got some...
Tom Jones, Photo, Peter Byrne

Tom Jones Sun Protection Zone Paddling Gear

It's easy to stay protected from the sun when we're at home, even if we're outside we can take shelter in outdoor storage buildings,...
Showaflops, lanakila outrigger canoe club, paddlexaminer, flip flops, carpet beach

Showaflops: Functional, Fashionable and Fun!

Review: Showaflops flip flops Inspired by a visit to a college dormitory years ago, Showaflops set out to make a range of quick drying flip...

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Catalina ocean experience, performance paddling, paddlexaminer, anthony vela, morgan hoesterey

Catalina Ocean Experience 2018 Hosted by Performance Paddling

Join hosts Anthony Vela and Morgan Hoesterey for the adventure of a lifetime Performance Paddling is excited to announce the Catalina Ocean Experience 2018.  Guided...
stand up paddling, vestpac

The WilsonPac by VestPac

Hailing from the rugged mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, VestPac produces an interchangeable range of lightweight, breathable hydration packs and waterproof products. The...
kokotat gloves, paddlexaminer, ian berger, paddling gloves

Kokatat Lightweight Gloves: Better Off Wet

Do you paddle in gloves? Wearing gloves on the water is a personal thing. Some people never wear them, but I hate paddling without them....
Quiksilver belt pack PFD

Quiksilver Belt Pack PFD

Quiksilver The Quiksilver belt pack PFD is an easy to use Coast Guard approved Type V belt pack style PFD. The exterior of the pack...
paddleboard & outrigger races, sup examiner, fernando stalla, Rogue SUP, Ultimate SUP Showdown, onit pro

The Week Ahead: Paddleboard & Outrigger Races and Events

The Week Ahead is a weekly column listing paddleboard & outrigger races and events across North America and select events from around the world....