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Inside the Lineup - Introducing the New Deal from Infinity SUP: The origins of contemporary stand up paddling can be traced to the surf culture of Hawaii. And while one of the many virtues of modern day SUP is that it can be practiced on any body of water, surfing has and should always have an honored position within the sport. Surfing is fun. Surfing is sexy. Surfing is cool. Perhaps most of all, surfing is inspirational. It does not matter if you are a long time ocean athlete or someone who has never seen the ocean. Images of someone surfing can easily transport you to another time and place.

The captivating qualities of surfing are particularly true within the longboard community. It is from this lineage which SUP surfing originates. Even today, most SUP surfers begin with a 10'6" all around board based on a classic longboard design.

From there, many of the time honored traditions of longboard culture drifted away into the flotsam and jetsam of time and were lost inside the lineup. That is, until now.

The SUP longboard revolution is coming. Led by the bespoke craftsmanship of the highly sought after shapers at Infinity SUP, the SUP performance longboard revolution is poised to redefine SUP surfing.

Toes on the nose, artistic cross-stepping, and stylish clean lines. The New Deal from Infinity SUP is a performance longboard SUP surfing shape evoking the style and grace of classic performance longboard surfing.

Infinity SUP's roots are undeniably in the custom board business, yet the same Infinity designs and quality are now available in production versions making them accessible to a wider audience of paddlers seeking to own their own piece of the California Dream.

The SUP longboard revolution is coming...soon!