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Keep it Green presented by NSP is dedicated to examining environmental and sustainability topics in the paddling community.

Sustainable Gift Guide, paddlexaminer

The PaddleXaminer 2019 Sustainable Gift Guide

According to Stanford University, Americans throw away 25 percent more waste during the holiday season, amounting to approximately 25 million tons of...
Toad & Co, paddlexaminer

Examining Toad & Co’s Eco-Friendly Fall Line

“When it comes to sustainability, buck naked is best. Unfortunately, Johnny Law (and Old Man Winter) feel otherwise. Yes we all need...
Patagonia, paddlexaminer

Sustainable Swimwear: Patagonia’s Stay-Put Suits & Shorts

For years, Patagonia has been regarded as a leading brand for outdoor gear and acknowledged as pioneers in the industry of sustainable...

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Win a Puakea Designs OC-1

Portions of this raffle will benefit Ocean of Hope! Win a Puakea Designs Kahele OC-1 Canoe! You do...
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Starboard SUP 2018 Brand Video

STARBOARD SUP 2018 From the official release Prototypes that never make it out of the shaping room, experiments that would make you raise an eyebrow in...
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5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season With Thanksgiving done and dusted, the holidays are in full...
app world tour, red bull heavy water, onit pro, sup examiner, paddle examiner, cbs sports

APP World Tour Highlights to Air on CBS Sports This Week

APP World Tour Catch up on your latest APP World Tour shows airing on CBS Sports Network this Tuesday 13th March from 7pm - 8pm EST (4pm - 5pm PST / 1pm -...

WND&WVS – Burlington, Vermont

WND&WVS 688 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 www.wndnwvs.com Phone: 802-540-2529 Hours: Monday - Sunday, 10:00 - 6:00 Rentals: Yes Lessons: Yes About WND&WVS Situated a mere half mile from the shores of...