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Ask a Paddler is our advice column. Do you have a burning question?

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Advice on Transitioning to a New Paddle Craft

Transitioning from SUP to Other Paddle Craft Hi PaddleXaminer! I love your site and the expanded coverage of other paddling disciplines got me considering trying something...
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Which Infinity Blackfish is Right for Me?

Hi, I’m an expert paddler and racer but not too serious about speed. Just quality and comradery. I’m interested in an Infinity Blackfish 14' x...
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What is a great overseas paddling town to invest in?

Dear SUP Examiner, I'm hoping you could help a brother out. I am currently searching for a second home location outside of the states for...

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Gear Review: Drinkfinity Bottles and Pods

You have a lot of choices when it comes to staying hydrated. There’s gatorade, powerade, and various other brands out there, but...
Nashville Paddle Co.

Nashville Paddle Co. – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Paddle Co. 2901 Bell Rd., Nashville, Tennessee 37216 www.nashvillepaddle.com Phone: 615-682-1787 Hours: 8:00 - 8:00, May - September Rentals: Yes Lessons: Yes About Nashville Paddle Co. Centered in the thriving inland paddling...
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How to Be An Environmentally Conscious Traveler

Traveling and sustainability may sound like a juxtaposition, but with a little planning and some smart choices doing both is definitely...
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Red Paddle Co Releases New Products for 2018

Red Paddle Co 2018 lineup Red Paddle Co has released their latest collection of industry leading inflatable paddle boards. The brand's exclusive use of third...
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Hannah Reed Swimwear: Bespoke, Fashionable, Fun

Young entrepreneur runs handmade bikini company Hannah Reed hails from San Clemente, California, a stone’s throw the beloved surf beach of T-street. Reed grew up...