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Ask a Paddler

Ask a Paddler is our advice column. Do you have a burning question?

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Advice on Transitioning to a New Paddle Craft

Transitioning from SUP to Other Paddle Craft Hi PaddleXaminer! I love your site and the expanded coverage of other paddling disciplines got me considering trying something...
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Which Infinity Blackfish is Right for Me?

Hi, I’m an expert paddler and racer but not too serious about speed. Just quality and comradery. I’m interested in an Infinity Blackfish 14' x...
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What is a great overseas paddling town to invest in?

Dear SUP Examiner, I'm hoping you could help a brother out. I am currently searching for a second home location outside of the states for...

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SUP Wheels: The Solution to SUP Transportation

Great innovation to transport your SUP to those hard to reach paddling spots Races intimidate me. Not so much the actual act of racing but...
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5 Tips To Help You Survive Holiday Parties

At holiday parties there’s usually a whole lot of eating, drinking, and being merry. While spending quality time with friends and family...
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An Interview With Susan Castiglia, aka SUP Nurse Sue

Susan Castiglia, otherwise known as SUP Nurse Sue, is an ambassador for stand up paddling. Her small SUP Shack at the Jersey Shore area...
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How to Safely Paddle in a Harbor on a SUP

Paddling safely The flat water confines of a harbor or marina are often where many first time stand up paddlers receive their introduction to the...
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Gear Review: The Sea Eagle HB96

Lightweight, versatile and fun, the Sea Eagle HB96 is a compact inflatable SUP well suited for beginners to advanced paddlers. The HB96 is 9’6”...