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Sustainable Gift Guide, paddlexaminer

The PaddleXaminer 2019 Sustainable Gift Guide

According to Stanford University, Americans throw away 25 percent more waste during the holiday season, amounting to approximately 25 million tons of...
Toad & Co, paddlexaminer

Examining Toad & Co’s Eco-Friendly Fall Line

“When it comes to sustainability, buck naked is best. Unfortunately, Johnny Law (and Old Man Winter) feel otherwise. Yes we all need...
Patagonia, paddlexaminer

Sustainable Swimwear: Patagonia’s Stay-Put Suits & Shorts

For years, Patagonia has been regarded as a leading brand for outdoor gear and acknowledged as pioneers in the industry of sustainable...

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The Pau Hana Big EZ, How Tough Is It?

Examining the Pau Hana Big EZ after a summer of use After a full season of paddling this Pau Hana Big EZ  board, it’s time...
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Check out Everyday California’s Floating Waterproof Hat

  Floating waterproof hat Headwear is an essential piece of gear to protect your head from the sun if you’re going for a paddle or just out...
ecopebble, ecoxgear

The ECOPEBBLE from ECOXGEAR: Compact, Rugged and Waterproof

The ECOPEBBLE from ECOXGEAR is a rugged, compact, waterproof, Bluetooth capable speaker cube tailor made for the stand up paddling community.  Measuring just under...
paddling, lanakila outrigger canoe club, redondo beach, king harbor, outrigger, oc-1, oc-6

Paddling Tip: If it hurts, change it!

Paddling strokes are like gears, don't forget to use them all Most top paddlers are happy to share their knowledge with other paddlers and there...
acr electronics, Personal Locator Beacon, paddlexaminer,

ACR Electronics Launches Next-Gen ResQLink Personal Locator Beacons with Digital Display Option

Safety equipment specialist uses survivor feedback to further enhance the world's best-selling Personal Locator Beacons with new user-friendly innovations