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A Certified Paddler: What Does it Mean, is it Worth it?

Examining certifications across the paddling community If you wanted a perfect example of how standup paddling is maturing, look no further than the idea of...
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Wildway All-Natural Breakfast Foods for the Health Conscious Paddler

  The Wildway Story Wildway is a virtual mom and pop shop founded by husband and wife duo, Kelli and Kyle Koehler. Both were working 9-5...
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Review: Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners by Kayla Anderson

Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners by Kayla Anderson: Get in the Game Racing is one of the most exciting parts of the standup...

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Standup Paddling: Have Some Fun!

Standup Paddling - It's about having fun There are many, many paddleboard-centric workouts out there. Not that I’ve tried many of them, but they all...
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MTI Journey: Is Simple Better?

Gear Review: MTI Journey PFD This review is the first in a series of articles testing and reviewing a selection of MTI PFDs suitable for...
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Vaikobi VDRY Paddling Vest: Gear Review

Vaikobi VDRY - Stay dry, stay warm, be happy I moved to Los Angeles in January 2008 for work...
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Slide Into a Surfski for a Sleek Paddling Experience

Cali Paddler Retreat 1.0 - Vendor Spotlight: Epic Kayaks has a surfski for every ability  One of the many great aspects of the recent Cali Paddler...
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Spotlight on the Future: Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen

Fourteen year old Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen was looking for a change of pace from her pre-professional dance program and recently took up prone paddling. She...