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Ian Berger grew up in love with the ocean, so discovering stand up paddling was a bit of revelation. Once he bought his first paddleboard, he realized this was the sport for him. Ian Berger lives in Peekskill, NY with his wife Kirsten and three children. He teaches middle school English and drama, and also has a passion for writing, which he shares with his students. Every morning Ian wakes up to write — sometimes science fiction or comic Young Adult novels, sometimes plays, but very often about stand up paddling. The Hudson River is his home turf, and you can usually find him there when the weather is good.

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race the lake of the sky, standup paddleboard, sup examiner, onit pro, sup racing

Standup Paddleboards to the Rescue!

Assisting others from a standup paddleboard Probably the most common question I get about standup paddling is “Do you fall?” The answer of course is,...
nsp puma, sup examiner, board review, michael kelley

Board Review: NSP Puma Pro Race SUP

NSP Puma Pro Carbon: 14x23.5 In the short history of modern SUP design, most racing boards were designed like sharp-edged destroyers that sliced through the water....
suploops, sup examiner, audrey lee

Suploops: Resistance Bands Customized for SUP

Gear Review: Suploops Suploops was created by Doug, a former software company executive who was an avid paddler of canoes and kayaks for over 30...
Vaikobi, Ocean Racing PFD, SUP Examiner, Stand UP Paddling, OC-1, Paddlesports, PFD, water safety, personal flotation device

Gear Review: The Vaikobi Ocean Racing PFD – One Year On

Strictly speaking it has been a year and a half since I first reviewed the Vaikobi Ocean Racing PFD. Since that time I’ve got...
Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach

Crowd Conversion: Surfing to SUP at Malibu’s Surfrider Beach

Surfrider Beach, Malibu Some media outlets and individuals have a disposition towards playing up the “animosity” between stand up paddle surfers and what I tend...