Gear Review: Hydrolight Hydration and Illumination Pack

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There are many types of hydration packs out there, but only one is a dual use hydration pack and lantern! With all the gear out there, anytime you can get a dual purpose item, I call that a win!

PaddleXaminer first saw the Hydrolight at the Winter OR in Denver back in January 2020. The bladder holds two liters (68 oz) and it has the same basic bite bit as the Camelbak or other bladder products. The bladder is made of frosty plastic instead of the blue bladder you typically see. The frosty bladder allows the lantern to work best. There is a zippered pocket at the bottom of the bladder where you can slide in a headlamp to light the lantern. The Hydro light has an easy to use slide lock and fold over top. Cleaning is simple because Hydrolight turns inside out! No more reaching your arm down the bladder and handing it for hours to dry. One improvement I’d like to see would be a bigger loop on the slide handle to hang the bladder from; I used an extra strap to hang it from a tree while camping. 

PaddleXaminer tested the Hydrolight on an overnight paddle trip on the Colorado River. Since I already had a headlamp for camping, the Hydrolight’s dual use came in handy. I used the bladder during the day while on the river then switched to bladder/ lantern mode in the evening. My friend Pete really liked the lantern with the frosty glow! Sometimes conventional lanterns are just too bright. 

On July 3rd, I took the Hydrolight to Chatfield Reservoir south of Denver in the evening. It was a bit cloudy and the moon was mostly obscured from view. I put the Hydrolight, in lantern mode and placed it on the back of my Hala Nass to act as a beacon. When I got off the water a few people came up to me asking about the Hydrolight so I showed them how it worked.

If you’re looking for a new bladder or need a birthday gift for the outdoor lover in your life, put Hydrolight on the list!


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