Gear Review: Costa Ferg Sunglasses

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Styles of sunglasses are constantly evolving, Costa Sunglasses is on the innovative edge of these cycles; as new ideas come up, Costa incorporates them into their products. Paddlexaminer met with Costa at the Winter Outdoor Retailer in January 2020 in Denver to talk about their new line coming out in the spring of 2020. One of the newest frames is the Ferg which are named after the late founder of Costa Sunglasses. The Ferg includes:

  • Top and side shields 
  • Hydrolite Rubber 
  • Large frame size
  • Adjustable nose pads

The adjustable nose pads are specific to the Ferg model. Not everyone’s face is the same and when on the water for hours a little adjustment goes a long way. With the adjustable nose pads, you can bend the pads multiple ways to adjust the fit as needed. The Hydrolite rubber on the frames add extra grip so your shades don’t slip off while in rough water conditions. 

Costa’s sunglasses allow you to choose from an array of frame colors and lens colors to fit your specific needs. All of Costa’s sunglasses come with Costa 580®️ polarized lens which enhance “good” colors and keep out harsh ultraviolet light. I paired the Ferg with Sunrise Silver, Costa’s low light lens; Sunrise Silver are designed for low light conditions such as dusk, dawn, or cloudy conditions.

PaddleXaminer tested the Ferg with Sunrise Silver lens for a morning paddle on the Upper Colorado back in April. I noticed right away how the hydrolite grips the side of my head when I put them on. I played with the adjustable nose pads to get the right fit and the large frame’s of the Ferg keep the light out. The Sunrise Silver lens gives everything a light yellow pop to enhance your vision.

Ferg retails for $219.

Each pair of sunglasses includes:

  • Costa case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Free shipping & returns
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Get outside and see what’s out there with the Ferg!

Michael Chebatoris
Michael is a Denver, Colorado-based CPA, marathon runner, alpine skier, and white water paddler. He grew up in Nebraska paddling Marathon canoes with his brother on the lake behind their house. That led to a summer job leading canoe tours on the Platte River for Nebraska State Parks. Now a Colorado resident, Michael is the co-founder of the financial services firm Flagship Consulting. When he's not crunching numbers he can be found enjoying the abundant opportunities for outdoor exploration throughout the Rocky Mountain State and beyond.


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