Gear Review: Bandicoot Headlamp From Knog

Bandicoot headlamp, paddlexaminer

PaddleXaminer met with a representative of Knog at the Summer OR this past summer in Denver. The rep walked us through the features of their new Bandicoot headlamp. We were surprised how light-weight the Bandicoot is. 

A headlamp is an essential part of any outdoor adventurer’s needs. The Bandicoot features include: 

  • Lightweight- made with silicone, weights 60g (2.1 oz)
  • Waterproof – tested to IP67
  • Rechargeable via USB – no bulky battery pack or extra batteries to carry around

Our first question was “How long does the battery last.” The Logan replied “I’m glad you asked that.” and pulled out the chart below. Obviously it depends on how you are using the headlamp, but the shortest life on the Combo setting is on minimum lumens is 13 hours. If you’re worried about running out of power, you can always bring a battery pack with USB port to recharge your Bandicoot. Knog actually sells compact batteries which would fit your needs if you don’t have one.

Chart of the approximate battery times for the Bandicoot headlamp.

PaddleXaminer tested the Bandicoot while doing moonlight paddles at Lake Dillon in Summit County Colorado this summer. The Bandicoots light-weight made it easy to wear, I even forgot I had it on after a while! The different light settings are easy to navigate through. We suggest testing these functions yourself to get familiar with how they work. 

Our favorite is the red light which is more subtle yet still provides enough light to pump up your board and carry it to the water. One improvement we recommend is the way the straps connect to fit around the head; they are a bit clumsy and perhaps could be improved. One cool feature of the Bandicoot is the ability to actually program the different light settings using Modemaker.

Overall, we loved the Bandicoot headlamp! It’s a light-weight, rechargeable, and waterproof. What more do you need?

Retail Price $34.95

Michael Chebatoris
Michael is a Denver, Colorado-based CPA, marathon runner, alpine skier, and white water paddler. He grew up in Nebraska paddling Marathon canoes with his brother on the lake behind their house. That led to a summer job leading canoe tours on the Platte River for Nebraska State Parks. Now a Colorado resident, Michael is the co-founder of the financial services firm Flagship Consulting. When he's not crunching numbers he can be found enjoying the abundant opportunities for outdoor exploration throughout the Rocky Mountain State and beyond.


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