Celebrities That Love Paddling and other Water Sports

Alessandra Ambrosio, standup paddling, paddlexaminer
Photo: Alessandra Ambrosio

It is no secret that many celebrities love to get out on the water to have some fun. A look through some of the stars who enjoy water sports provides us with an impressive list of actors, models, and big names from the world of sports.

Alessandra Ambrosio Is a Paddle Boarding Expert

Standup paddle boards are regularly featured on the Instagram updates of a number of top models. Among them, Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio is known to be a bit of an expert in this sport.  

She has been spotted teaching some yoga moves to her daughter, Anja, out on the water and seems completely comfortable when out standup paddling. Her photos of paddle boarding trips in idyllic places such as Maui should certainly help to make the sport more appealing to more people too.

Lewis Hamilton Carries Out Risky Jet Ski Tricks

The F1 driver has shown off some equally good skills when controlling a jet ski. Hamilton was seen carrying out some terrific moves in the Mediterranean after the Monaco Grand Prix back in 2017. 

A few years before then, there was a report of the driver running up a $150,000 repair bill when a difficult, tight turn on his jet ski in front of photographers went wrong.  

Michelle Rodriguez Gave Flyboarding a Try

Flyboarding is a thrilling water sport that has gained a huge following among the stars in recent times. The Fast and the Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez is one of the celebrities who have given this activity a try and seemed to love it. She was spotted carrying out some great tricks while doing this sport while on vacation in Ibiza.

Leonardo DiCaprio Flies Over the Waves   

Another famous face seen trying out their Flyboarding technique was actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The Hollywood star spent a lot of time in the water while on vacation in Spain and seemed to love the sensation of flying over the waves that this sport provides. He has also tried the sport in Malibu in the past too.

Cristiano Ronaldo Went Flyboarding in the Balearic Islands

The soccer player is another big-name celebrity who has been having a good time flyboarding. The Portuguese player decided to give the sport a go while on a yachting vacation in Formentera, in Spain’s Balearic Islands. It is easy to see why so many big stars decide to spend their free time like this. 

Drew Brees Got a Team of NFL Players to Go Standup Paddling

A group of NFL players joined former Los Angeles Chargers player Drew Brees for some offseason training out on the water. Without the pressure of the NFL odds, they got involved in standup paddling in San Diego as an enjoyable way to get fit for the NFL preseason games and then the season itself, as well as to bond. Local paddle boarder EJ Johnson was there to help out anyone who was trying the sport for the first time.

Hailey Baldwin Enjoys Yoga While Paddle Boarding 

The model daughter of actor Alec Baldwin is another big fan of getting out on the waves for some exercise. She has previously posted exciting images of her adventures when paddle boarding through narrow caves in exotic locations. She has also been pictured out paddle boarding with Kendall Jenner in New York.

Lea Michele Likes Standup Paddling in Hawaii

Actress Lea Michele is another celebrity who loves to get out on a paddleboard. The star of Glee shared images on Instagram of SUP yoga sessions where she looked extremely comfortable and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as well. One of her paddle boarding trips in Hawaii saw her pull off some good yoga moves before being spotted falling off into the water, proving that this activity isn’t as easy as it might seem to be.


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