Costa Sunglasses Announces New Partnership with Kimi Werner and Mark Healey

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Costa Sunglasses is proud to announce the addition of ocean conservation advocates and athletes Kimi Werner and Mark Healey to its ambassador team—two of today’s most accomplished and well-known waterwomen and watermen.  

Since 1983, Costa Sunglasses has been committed to crafting the best sunglasses on the planet for outdoor enthusiasts while making a conscious effort to protect our oceans and waterways. As Costa works to broaden its appeal to a wider range of individuals who spend their time in and around the water, making the best product that performs for a multitude of water-based activities is a priority. The decision to add Werner and Healey to its ambassador program serves multiple purposes for Costa—it further reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality sunglasses for anyone who defines their lives around the water, while also raising awareness around some of today’s most pressing issues concerning our oceans and waterways. 

The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration and adventure for Kimi Werner. As a young child growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, she floated behind her father as he freedove for her family’s primary food source. Only later as an adult on Oahu did she understand the central role the ocean was to play in her life when she discovered her own passion for freediving. Kimi has gone on to become the United States National Spearfishing Champion, a certified culinary chef, an award-winning artist and a public speaker. Her daily life is rooted in sustainability and geared towards a healthy future for our global community. 

“Partnering with Costa feels like the perfect fit in every way,” notes Werner. “The company’s commitment to the environment means everything to me. What I love the most is the people behind the brand—they’re passionate, dedicated and thoughtful, and you can tell this is more than just a job to them. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I dive into this partnership with heart and soul.” 

Mark Healey, a native of Oahu’s North Shore, is a professional big-wave surfer, spear-fisherman and freediver who was introduced to the sport at the age of three by his father. He earned his first surf sponsorship at age 13 and went pro at just 17 years old. Healey has racked up victories at big-wave events like Todos Santos and—in 2008—nabbed the Spearfishing World Cup. One of Healey’s main ambitions is to use film, photography and hands-on education to deepen the broader culture’s relationship with the ocean. It’s Healey’s life mission to inspire others to value the ocean the way he does. 

“I’ve been able to live such a rich life because of the ocean and I can’t imagine that not being there for people in the future,” notes Healey. “Costa’s support for the ocean community through disaster relief, marine research and using recycled plastics means a lot to me. I don’t think most people realize that these types of business decisions are risky and costly for a company. Costa doesn’t have to do it, but they do, and I respect that. I am thrilled to be partnered with the brand.” 

Like Werner and Healey, Costa has a deep love for our oceans and is committed to protecting the environment which is exemplified through its initiatives and products. Costa brings positive solutions to the growing issue of ocean plastic pollution through its use of responsible materials in manufacturing, its Kick Plastic campaign – a program that has removed more than one million single-use plastic water bottles from guide boats throughout North America, and its Untangled Collection frames made entirely from recycled fishing nets.  

Handcrafted in Florida and built to last, Costa sunglasses are among the highest quality, best performing sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts of all types. Utilizing Bio-Resin in its performance and lifestyle frames, Costa provides sunglasses designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, while reducing its carbon footprint and protecting our waterways. 

In addition to quality, durability and sustainability, Costa sunglasses feature 580 color-enhancing lens technology which selectively filters out harsh yellow light for superior contrast and definition and absorbs high-energy blue light to cut haze and enhance sharpness. Costa’s lens technology also reduces glare and eye fatigue, and its Lightwave glass is 20 percent thinner and 22 percent lighter than average polarized glass. 

“Costa takes pride in providing the highest quality performance sunglasses to some of the top watermen and women in the world,” said T.J. McMeniman, vice president of marketing at Costa. “As a company born on the water, we strive to partner with like-minded people and companies who share our passion to protect and preserve, while working to lessen our impact on the environment. We are so thrilled to partner with Kimi and Mark as they truly exemplify Costa’s philosophy and are committed to the health of our oceans.”  

To follow along on their adventures, check Kimi out on Instagram at @kimi_swimmy and Mark at @healeywaterops

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About Costa Sunglasses

As the first manufacturer of color-enhancing all-polarized sunglass lenses, Costa combines superior lens technology with unparalleled fit and durability. Still handcrafted in Florida, Costa has made the highest quality, best performing sunglasses and prescription sunglasses (Rx) for outdoor enthusiasts since 1983, and now its product portfolio includes optical frames.

Costa’s growing cult-brand status ties directly to its mission to provide high quality products with a focus on sustainability and conservation as the company works hard to protect the waters it calls home. From the use of sustainable materials to its Kick Plastic initiative, IndiFly Foundation and strong partnership with shark research organization OCEARCH, Costa encourages people to help protect the Earth’s natural resources in any way they can.

Find out more on Costa’s website and join the conversation on FacebookInstagram or Twitter at @CostaSunglasses.


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