Spotlight on Seychelle: The Golden Girl of SUP

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From the SUP11 City Tour to the Battle of the Bay, Seychelle is on fire. You can follow all the ups and the downs of her journey on Instagram at Seychelle SUP. Seychelle loves social media for enabling her to share her story so she may help and motivate people. It is natural for Seychelle to share her experiences and she genuinely hopes other people find value in it as the feedback she has received from her social media followers has played an important role in motivating Seychelle to overcome challenges throughout her career as a standup paddle athlete.

This reciprocal effect is one of the reasons why she was able to finish the multi-day SUP11 City Tour so strongly. All the supportive and positive comments helped pick her up.

Motivation – It’s all in your head

How do you deal with the emotions, the frustrations, and the negativity? It happens to everyone. With paddling, the way you train and the more consistent you are with your training will affect your performance on race day. When out on a training paddle Seychelle is aware. The same thoughts arise, negativity, the wanting to slow down, the feeling tired, and feeling the pain. This does not just happen on race day, but on race day there is added adrenaline, nerves, and excitement.

Train your mind every day. Every time you are out there, push through. Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Dig deep and find your motivation. Remember your reason and all the things that help you keep going. These are the same things Seychelle thinks about when training and racing, it is just at an elevated level on race day. She strives to get into race mode mentally even when she is training.

Train your mind just like you train you body

Your body can push a lot harder than you think. You have to train to get to a certain level. Know that you trained hard and then it comes down to your mental state. You have to be in the zone in your head for your body to perform at that level. On the last day of the SUP11 City Tour, everything just clicked. Everything flowed. “I found that place inside my head where it didn’t matter what my body said. I wasn’t listening to my body. My body was listening to my head and my head was like, ‘Go, go, go, fire, fire, fire’,” Seychelle explained. It was an exceptional, educational, and transformational experience for Seychelle. She hopes she will be able to bring back this mental state in races to come.

Being in a lot of pain on the second day of the SUP11 City Tour kept her from best performance. Seychelle was consumed thinking about being so hurt after that day that she would not be able to do the next race or the next… but she stopped those thoughts. “Are you here now or are you there? If you’re not here then what’s the point of even trying?” Take those thoughts out of your head even though you know you’re going to hurt after the race. Decide if it is worth it and how bad you want it because you can push yourself so hard that you are hurt or you exacerbate an existing injury. Athletes deal with this all the time; pull back or give it everything and risk it?

We are stronger when we work together

The more people you have in your corner, the more people you have to hold you accountable. It is about uplifting each other and motivating each other. When Seychelle needs motivation, people are there for her. The paddle community is very special. She coaches online with Paddle Monster (more about this experience in future articles) and leads clinics and special events. Training plans are all online and her athletes receive special blogs and informative posts. Online coaching is great for people who love to paddle, but do not know others who do or for those who have to travel far to train with a group. A lot of us, Seychelle included, do their training alone. It is beneficial to have an online group to support and motivate each other.

Thank you for sharing your story and motivating us Seychelle.

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