All Good, a Leader in #ReefFriendly Sunscreens

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Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, signed a bill earlier this summer banning the sale and distribution of sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Both chemicals have been found to “have significant harmful impacts on Hawaii’s marine environment and residing ecosystems”, according to SB 2571.

The ban goes into effect in 2021 and makes Hawaii the first state to enact legislation designed to protect marine ecosystems by banning harmful sunscreens.

Hawaii’s legislation was heralded as a tidal change in the recognition of the harmful effects of chemical pollutants in what many once considered to be a seemingly benign skincare product. But for California-based All Good, Hawaii’s new legislation simply affirmed what they have known all along.

California’s All Good has been ahead of the sunscreen trend

All Good—which has sold reef-safe sunscreens made with organic ingredients since 2005—has been helping to guide the sunscreen industry into #ReefFriendly waters. Tactics have included working with scientists to create Reef Friendly criteria, active legislative support (letters of support and email activating our customers to support legislation), supporting events in Hawaii with in-kind #reefFriendly sunscreen (like Iron Man, many on-beach “Sunscreen Swaps” and Sunscreen Stations during big events), and organizing the Safe Sunscreen Council which is led by All Good founder, Caroline Duell.

The Safe Sunscreen Council is a coalition of small #reeffriendly sunscreen makers who are committed to using only safe ingredients throughout their entire product line. You’ll notice many of the large sunscreen companies offer one or two safe sunscreen alternatives (like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) but the rest of their product line contain reef-harming chemicals. Those companies, for instance, would not be part of the Safe Sunscreen Council.

Summer may be winding down, but the importance of using #reefriendly sunscreen and skincare products is just heating up. Interested in learning about more environmentally friendly products? Give our Keep it Green column a look and be sure to browse our Reviews of All Good sunscreen and the other fantastic products our staff recommends for your time on the water.


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