Sustainable Swimwear: Zimzala Swim

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Zimzala Swim – Swimwear for life’s adventures

Georgia and Kendall are adventurers at heart. United by a passion for travel, the two met in the Canadian wilderness and after many bikini-clad adventures they were inspired to create something of their own. They felt there was a lack of comfortable yet functional swimwear available on the market so they designed their line of bikinis to feel like a second skin. They created fun prints in an effort to encourage their customers to get out and explore.

Through their globetrotting adventures, Georgia and Kendall have been exposed to many wonders of the world as well much devastation and destruction, particularly to the ocean. They’ve incorporated their love of nature into their company, involving sustainable practices wherever possible. Their suits are sewn with ECONYL fabric, which is made from recycled ocean waste and are delivered in reusable cloth bags as opposed to plastic ones.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out two suits from Zimzala: the Tahiti set as well as the Namotu top and Kauai bottoms.

The quality of the suits is evident at first glance, the material is thick and sturdy, and is capable of withstanding countless days of sunscreen and saltwater. The Tahiti set is the ultimate surf suit. The top fits like a sports bra and the bottoms are snug and secure. The Namotu top also offers a pretty secure fit but the Kauai bottoms show more skin and are better suited for a calm paddle or day at the beach. Many of the suits are reversible, making them the ultimate travel bikini as you can mix and match four different combinations from one suit.

Zimzala means someone who finds peace with the sand between their toes. The name could not be a more perfect match for this dreamy Australian swimwear company.

Rebecca Parsons
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