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70 year old paddler from Vermont to compete in Molokai to Oahu standup paddling (SUP) race

Dr. Bob Arnot, Paddlexaminer, molokai to oahu, standup paddling
Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Bob Arnot, a physician and award-winning journalist, author, entrepreneur and former network broadcast correspondent, is a world class paddleboard champion for his age group.

Sponsored by Salonpas, Dr. Bob, age 70, a resident of Vermont, will be competing in Hawaii’s Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships again this month (July 29th is the race day).  “Next month, I’ll be back racing the roughest ocean challenge on earth over the most dangerous ocean passage riddled with sharks.  It’s 32 miles from Molokai to Oahu,” says Dr. Bob.

“I believe that competitive endurance sports are a surrogate for life, forcing us to overcome a huge range of obstacles from towering waves crossing the feared Molokai channel to completing the Ironman in 99-degree heat,” says Dr. Bob. “These competitions help us overcome real life challenges to succeed.”  Dr. Bob has competed Alpine skiing, rowing, Nordic skiing, road racing, mountain bike racing, triathlons, marathons and white-water races.  His newest passion is stand up paddling which incorporates the best of so many activities from surfing to cross country skiing.

The Gorge delivered

The Gorge Downwind Champs, paddling
The 2018 Gorge Downwind Champs

With consistent winds reportedly in the 36 mph range ripping through the Columbia River Gorge near Hood River, Oregon yesterday, race organizers issued an extreme wind warning and advised only the most experienced paddlers should enter the river. More than 290 registered competitors heeded the warning and made the decision to not start, according to the Gorge Downwind Champs’ Facebook feed. As of this writing, full results from the competition were not yet available.

Here’s what we know:

Top finishers

Surfski male
1) Kenny Rice
2) Cory ‘Chill’ Hill
3) Mackenzie Hynard
4) Austin Kieffer
5) Patrick Dolan

Surfski female
1) Naomi Flood
2 ) Teneale Hatton
3) Ana Swetish ( u18 )
4) Rachel Clarke
5) Michele Eray

SUP female
1) Fiona Wylde
2) Hannah Hill
3) Angie jackson

SUP male
1) Chase Kosterlitz
2) Paul Jackson
3) Jarkko Simmons

OC1 male
1) Kua Nolan
2) Will Reichenstein
3) Kaihe Chong

OC1 female
1) Lindsey Shank
2) Brandy Cumin
3) Anna Mathisen

SUP foils, race proven and here to stay

SUP foils, somewhat understandably, may not be fully understood or appreciated by inland paddlers. For those fortunate to paddle regularly on the open ocean, SUP foils are rapidly becoming the fastest and smoothest game in town. SUP foilers have won back to back competitions crossing the channel from Maui to Molokai, even beating the outrigger and surfski paddlers. For a look at the magic that is SUP foiling, check out the Instagram post below from Zaine Schweitzer shot during one of his recent crossings.



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