Anthony Johnson – Tap Into the Fire Inside

Anthony Johnson, Glide SUP, Paddlexaminer
Photo: Cam Meredith

On Finding Balance

Paddling races are filled with positive energy and great people. I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Johnson at some races in Utah. Anthony is an account specialist for Glide paddle boards based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We had the chance to catch up recently. I asked Anthony how he finds balance in his work and quality of life. He said, “Balance is very important and it stems from being present with what I am doing.” At work he gives it his all. At home he is present with family and has a good time with them. When he is on the water, he is also focused on what he is doing.

It has not always been this way, but paddling, water, and nature have certainly helped. When he was 11 years old, he shaped and glassed his first surfboard. He was always intrigued with how surfboards are made. On the path of self-improvement, Anthony has had to practice being in the moment. His practice of being present has become a way of life. He grew up surfing in Pacific Grove, California which led to his passion for standup paddling. It is so tranquil hearing the sound of the water under his paddle and beneath his board. This feeds his soul.

Tips For Best Performance

Work-wise Anthony feels blessed to have been raised with a strong work ethic. He takes pride in what he does. He gives his all and is meticulous with his work. As a husband and father, Anthony feels like he is the luckiest person on earth to have that role with all his family and loved ones. Gratitude is huge. He is grateful for all people, his parents, his kids, his wife, his friends, for skateboarding, for surfing, and for standup paddling.

Anthony Johnson studied and got his master’s degree in exercise science. He was always intrigued by how the body performs. With proper training an athlete can and will reach peak performance. Usually people think he is really mellow. When he races, he has a fire inside that lights up. Anthony’s advice for best performance is to tap into your fire inside, what you are truly passionate about. Stay focused on your goals, be consistent, and keep that fire in your soul. Anthony makes time to train whether he is up at the crack of dawn for a sunrise paddle, at the gym or training at home.

Nutrition is also an important part of best performance. Anthony is a huge proponent of what he eats. Plant-based nutrition works best for him, along with lots of water. His consistent training and nutrition help him stay mentally focused. He also strives to find balance emotionally and spiritually. Gratitude keeps him focused and feeds his soul. Before he worked for Glide, Anthony taught adaptive aquatics. Getting people on the water, learning, building self-confidence, and getting stoked to be on the water filled him with even more stoke.

Even Playing Field

Not everyone is into racing, because it is so competitive. There are many factors that affect performance like talent, training, and equipment to name a few. Now imagine a more even playing field where all participants have the same equipment and the teams are mixed with all ability levels. This is the vision for the second annual E-Town Throw Down by Glide SUP. On Saturday July 7th, 2018 the Evanston Ice Pond in Evanston, Wyoming is the place to be for a fun and free paddling event. The E-Town Throw Down stemmed from the love Anthony has for SUP races and the desire to share paddling with as many people as he can. This is a fun relay race where participants paddle around the island and then change boards. Anthony wants to get people on boards, he wants them to have a good time, and he wants to share the stoke. I am stoked about this event and cannot wait to see you all out there. Thanks again Anthony.

Click here to view the E-Town Throw Down promo video



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