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World Championship Event for SUP

Casual observers of the world’s newest member of the paddling club may be excused for thinking there was already a world championship event for standup paddling (SUP). The notion of a single world championship event has vexed participants and pundits alike for years. If you’re not into SUP racing it may all be moot, but the International Canoe Federation (ICF) has publicly stepped into the fray after several years of behind the scenes work. The International Surfing Association (ISA), a separate organization, adopted SUP under its wing early on and has staged a long running series of events. There are pros and cons either way you cut it. Regardless of where you fall on the debate, the sport of SUP racing is real and here to stay. Read the latest news from the ICF here and here!

Santa Monica Pier 360 – Summer Kickoff Event

After years of battling a blanket of June gloom at the beginning of the month, organizers of the long running Santa Monica paddleboard race have repackaged the epic annual event as a summer kickoff fest. Pushed back to the end of the month, this weekend in fact, the expanded event retains the stalwart activities of dory boat racing, open water swim and paddleboard races alongside the addition of beach volleyball, skateboarding and more! Welcome to the beach, summer is just around the corner!

Is your event on our calendar?

Battle by the Bay

Red Bull Heavy Water, arguably the most intense stand up paddling event in the world, is headed back to San Francisco, home to notoriously challenging weather and water conditions, as part of the 2018 APP World Tour circuit, with an event window from October 15th – November 2nd. This event always generates some epic photos and challenges elite athletes to the max.

Paddle around the Big Apple

If you’re a stand-up paddler, you have just 7 weeks left to register for what is arguably one of the most exciting race events of the year! On Saturday, August 11, the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA) will host its twelfth annual SEA Paddle NYCa grueling 25-mile event that attracts elite athletes and covers the dangerous waters circling Manhattan…all for charity. Read here for additional details about this one of a kind event!

Articles you may have missed

Environmentally-friendly cocomat boards from NSP.

In 2010, NSP launched some of the most environmentally friendly boards on the market: their Cocomat line. The Cocomat technology allows the boards to be light for carrying and paddling yet remain strong and flexible for optimal performance. A lot of us prefer to make eco-conscious choices but we don’t want to sacrifice money or performance in the process. NSP’s Cocomat boards are available at a similar price point to other boards on the market and perform equally as well as their not so environmentally friendly counterparts. Read!

How confident are you in the waves?

Much ink has been spilled about how SUP surfers should conduct themselves in the presence of other surfers. Avoid crowded lineups. Don’t be a wave hog. Surf the shoulder, not the peak, and so on. Each of these anecdotes may be relevant advice at one time or another. Other pieces of content, including some on this site, focus on paddling tips for SUP surfers. Always wear a leash. Time your paddle out. Use a staggered stance. Learn surfing etiquette and more. These statements are also intelligent and valuable contributions. Read!

Ask a paddler!


I’m an expert paddler and racer but not too serious about speed. Just quality and comradery.

I’m interested in an Infinity Blackfish 14′ x 27″. I’m only about 150 pounds, 62 years old and love the idea of a very light board. I’ve been paddling for 20 years. Is this going to be too buoyant for me? Read!

If it hurts, change it!

Most top paddlers are happy to share their knowledge with other paddlers and there are a lot of great clinics out there.  If you have taken a couple different clinics or sought advice from other paddlers you likely noticed there is more than one school of thought when it comes to paddling.

Regardless of paddle craft, you should have a number of different paddling strokes in your repertoire. One for quick starts, one for sustaining a long distance, another for chasing down an opponent or quickly avoiding an obstacle. You get the picture. Read!

Paddling events on the horizon

  • 2-3 June: Tarn Water Race – Gorges du Tarn, France
  • 2-3 June: Maui Jim Ocean Shootout, Maui, HI
  • 2 June: Kahanamoku Klassic – Marina del Rey, CA
  • 8 June: 5th Annual Taylorsville Lake Paddle Battle – Taylorsville Lake State Park, KY
  • 9 June: Ventura Outrigger Challenge – Ventura, CA
  • 16 June: 17th Annual Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race and Jay’s 40th Birthday – Santa Cruz, CA
  • 23 June: Morehead Paddlefest 2018 – CAVE RUN LAKE, KY
  • 23 June: Iron Outrigger Championships – San Diego, CA
  • 23-24 June: Santa Monica Pier 360 Ocean Sports Beach Festival – Santa Monica, CA
  • 24 June: Rock2Rock – Catalina | San Pedro, CA

Last look

According to a confidential source who was not authorized to comment publicly, a container of Infinity SUP “Downtown” standup paddleboards is due to arrive in port at an undisclosed time, believed to be early next week, at the gargantuan port complex of Los Angeles / Long Beach. Lock your doors and run for your lives, ladies and gentlemen. The world as you know it is about to be forever changed.

We had the chance to get a behind the scenes look at a prototype earlier this year. Read! 

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