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Kaiwi Channel Solo. This past Sunday an élite field of 90 paddlers converged on the island of Molokai for the annual Kaiwi Channel crossing. The Molokai Solo is the pinnacle event in the world of OC-1 paddling and this year’s race was one of the most competitive in recent memory. The 32 mile long channel crossing is the ultimate test of a paddler’s skill and mental fortitude and simply completing the crossing is considered a notable achievement which few paddlers undertake.

Complete results for the 2018 Kaiwi Channel Solo

molokai solo 2018, kaiwi channel solo, paddlexaminer, danny chingmolokai solo 2018, kaiwi channel solo, paddlexaminer, danny ching


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FUGOO GO Bluetooth Speaker: Get Out and Go  “Enjoy great music wherever life takes you”, states the introductory line in the product description for the FUGOO GO Bluetooth waterproof speaker. The FUGOO GO was designed to deliver large and loud music to “go” with the active lifestyle of a paddler. Waterproof and rugged with 360º audio, a built-in bungee style mounting cord and 10 hours of battery life. The speaker comes in two color options, essentially color highlights on a black, pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker. Read!

Balanced Nutrition For Best Performance  Do your food and drink choices leave you feeling energized throughout the day or are your energy levels up and down like a rollercoaster? Do you begin your paddling training or competition feeling energized? Do you finish your paddling training or competition energized and strong? The key is balanced fueling to nourish and energize your body to do its daily tasks and perform its best. To increase energy and improve performance, make your meals and snacks well-balanced and nutrient dense. Well balanced means carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fat in every meal and snack. Nutrient dense foods are foods in their most natural form with minimal to no processing. These foods are packed with energy, or calories, along with nutrients; carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Read!

Earth Technologies and the Drive Towards Zero Waste  About 4 years ago when I started making hollow wood SUPs and paddleboards with the intention of making them as eco friendly as possible, I ran into more than a few naysayers who ranged from questioning whether an eco friendly board was even worth the effort to those who said it was without a doubt a waste of time. A few years after that I was fortunate enough to run a clinic on sustainability in the paddle industry at the Cali Paddler retreat. While preparing for the talk there were still very few companies, even after going through sustainable surf’s certified eco board list, I could highlight that were making large scale commitments to eco friendliness and/or sustainability. Albeit the list had grown considerably since I first set out to build my own eco friendly boards. Read!

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