Wildway All-Natural Breakfast Foods for the Health Conscious Paddler

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The Wildway Story

Wildway is a virtual mom and pop shop founded by husband and wife duo, Kelli and Kyle Koehler. Both were working 9-5 jobs in New York City when they decided it wasn’t for them. They wanted to be involved in a business that better complimented their active lifestyle. After years of searching for a quick yet nutritious breakfast option they started making their own granola in their 400-square-foot apartment. After some trial and error they perfected their recipe and just like that, a business was born.

“We believe that a good life starts with the food you put in your body and that first thing in the morning is the most important time of day to fuel properly,” says Kelli.  Breakfast sets the tone for your entire day, so why not make it inspiring? That’s exactly what we set out to do with Wildway—inspire people to live healthier, fuller lives.”

Wildway has now expanded their line to include grain-free granola, grain-free hot cereal, and smoothie bowl starter mixes. Their granola comes in four flavors: apple cinnamon, coconut cashew, vanilla bean espresso, and banana nut. Their line of hot cereals offers five flavor options: cinnamon roll, original, blueberry flax, java chip, and toasted coconut. The smoothie bowl starter mixes come in four different choices: recharge, recover, restore, and relax.

As an athlete, I’m always searching for healthy ways to fuel my body. I’ve stuck to a predominantly paleo diet for the past few years, but always find myself cheating in the mornings, typically on oatmeal which has been a staple for years. When I discovered Wildway, I was excited about their grain-free options so I decided to try one of everything.

The Products

What ocean athlete doesn’t love a good smoothie bowl? They’re loaded with nutrients, they allow for creativity, and they’re the perfect way to cool off after a workout. I love that Wildway offers four different options, so you can choose whichever fuel your body is most craving that day. Made with all-natural ingredients, the smoothie bowl starter mixes add protein to your bowl as well as other vital nutrients to help your body recharge, recover, restore, or relax.

Wildway, Rebecca Parsons, PaddleXaminer
One of the great products from Wildway!

I was most excited about the grain-free hot cereal and it did not disappoint! Made with walnuts, ground flaxseed, cashews, coconut flour, pecans, dried dates, and vanilla bean, you can rest assured that everything you’re putting in your body is genuinely good for you. To make a bowl, all you do is add hot water and you’re good to go. The texture is similar to oatmeal and tastes fine alone, but I much prefer to dress mine up with fresh fruit and Wildway’s grain-free granola.

The grain-free granola is the most flavorful of all of Wildway’s products and is the perfect topping for smoothie bowls, hot cereal, yogurt, or pancakes. Grain-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, sweetener-free, non-GMO, and vegan, this granola is made with top of the line ingredients that your body will love. Despite the lack of grains, this genuinely feel like you’re eating traditional granola and each flavor is equally as delicious as the next.

Wildway’s products are the perfect fix to my breakfast problems. Their food tastes great and is in line with my values and diet. They’re quick and easy to make and full of essential nutrients every paddler needs to kick-start their day. I’m already almost out and am heading back to order more. Thanks Wildway for making food that my body loves. Live wild.

Wildway products are available at select stores, through Amazon Prime, or via their website.


Rebecca Parsons
Rebecca is a seasoned writer and longtime ocean lover. A resident of Orange County, CA, she can be seen paddling and surfing at many of Southern California's most scenic coastal locations. Rebecca is interested in sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives and heads up "Keep it Green", our column on the environment.


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