Showaflops: Functional, Fashionable and Fun!

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Review: Showaflops flip flops

Inspired by a visit to a college dormitory years ago, Showaflops set out to make a range of quick drying flip flops which performed well on wet and slippery surfaces, yet were fashionable enough to be worn out on the street. Combining extensive research into foot problems relating to fungus and bacteria with non-slip soles with unique proprietary holes to facilitate drainage and faster drying – Showaflops were born!

The company has integrated philanthropic endeavors into their corporate ethos through their Flops For a Cause program. Through Flops For a Cause, Showaflops has donated thousands of flip flops to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey, and they continue to help those affected by the recent natural disasters. Showaflops is also an active supporter of Camp Good Days and Sunrise Day Camps, two organizations providing recreational opportunities for children battling cancer.

Great around the outrigger club

As a Southern California paddler I practically live in flip flops. I have an indoor pair, a rugged pair for hiking, and a pair I wear when heading out to go paddle. I picked up a pair of Showaflops specifically for the later. They have become my go-to flip flops when heading down to the outrigger club located on a section of land known as “Carpet Beach” after all the carpets rolled out on the ground to cover the dirt and rocks. Through year-round weather the carpets cover the ground creating an environment not-unlike a college dormitory shower room. The carpet is almost always wet from the marine layer and regular hosing down of the canoes after paddling. My Showaflops are enabling me to navigate the wet carpets with ease! Great product and a company which helps causes you can feel good about supporting. Order a pair today and get out there!

Showaflops, lanakila outrigger canoe club, paddlexaminer, flip flops, carpet beach
Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club, Redondo Beach, California.



Matt Chebatoris
Matt is a former national security professional and lifelong adventurer. He has published material on a variety of topics in the foreign policy arena and created PaddleXaminer™ as a platform to share his enjoyment of paddling with others. When not on the water, Matt can be found hiking along rugged mountain trails in the California wilderness. Matt resides in Los Angeles and is a member of the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club in Redondo Beach, California.


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