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Paddling headlines from around the world

Extreme Adventures

The New York Times Magazine recently published a fantastic feature story on Aleksander Doba, a Polish paddler who has paddled across the Atlantic not once, not twice, but three times on a kayak! Doba’s most recent trip concluded last fall a few days before his 71st birthday. Yes, you read that right. Regarded as the most experienced kayaker in Poland, Doba’s first transatlantic voyage took place in 2010. “Only one person had ever crossed the Atlantic in a kayak using solely muscle power, and he traveled island to island, from Newfoundland to Ireland. Doba’s goal was to go continent to continent between the mainlands, from Senegal to Brazil, unsupported,” according to the New York Times Magazine.

Fueled by passion after his initial crossing along a southerly route, Doba completed his two follow on crossings by traversing the mid-Atlantic and, most recently, the North Atlantic. Read the full story in the New York Times Magazine here!

Santa Cruz Paddlefest

The 32nd annual Santa Cruz Padldefest concluded this past Sunday in the scenic Northern California seaside town. Largely a surfing event for all manner of paddlecraft, the paddlefest included 5k and 10k races. Young Jade Howson placed an exclamation point on her experience by winning the 10k distance race ahead of April Zilg and Candice Appleby! Congratulations Jade, we’re looking forward to following your progression!

Working in the Industry

Have you ever wanted to work at a paddling shop? Many shops are gearing up for the spring and summer and we’ve received word that Pro SUP Shop in Marina del Rey, California is looking to hire some good help. Do you have what it takes?

Great Stories You May Have Missed

From Dancing to Shredding: Mel Wygal’s Journey to Standup Paddling, by Audrey Lee – Judging from Google Analytics you would have to have been living under a rock to have missed this feature story from earlier this week, but hey, there’s always one!

The Joy of Urban Paddling, by Noriko Okaya – This is a fantastic read from a new writer to our team. Noriko is a wonderful story-teller and we cannot wait to read more from her! Climb aboard as she takes readers on a curated tour of paddling around New York City!

Hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere, by Matt Chebatoris – As those who know me are aware, I’m not always on the water and am equally at home hiking through deserts or mountains as I am out paddling. Here’s a recap from a recent trip I took on one of the iconic hikes in the Los Angeles area.

wild buffalo relay, paddling, paddlexaminerPaddling Events on the Horizon

Coming in Hot!

The Wild Buffalo Relay Race from Catalina to the Newport Aquatics Center is just over a week away. The event quickly rose in prominence to become the most widely anticipated race in California this spring. Competitors are flying in from around the world to test their skills against California’s best paddlers and Audrey Lee had the opportunity to speak with one of the teams widely regarded as a favorite: Danny Ching & Ryland Hart, who will be competing in the OC-1 division. Keep an eye out to read what they had to say.

Last Look

If you were unable to attend the Santa Cruz Paddlefest last weekend, and I count myself in that category, here’s a rock’in little video edit thrown together by my friend Dave Boehne on the experience as seen through the eyes of the #InfinitySpeedFreeks.


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