Taking a Look at the Toad & Co. Winter Collection

Rebecca Parsons, Toad & Co., Infinity SUP, RNB, Infinity Round Nose Blurr, San Onofre Beach

Gear Review: Toad & Co. Winter Gear

The folks at Toad & Co. pride themselves in being the “creators of socially and environmentally committed garments that are equally suited for the rigors of the trail or the tavern. 90% of [their] products are eco-friendly and a portion of each sale supports people with developed disabilities.” They believe in living well and doing good.

As winter rolls in, air and water temperatures are dropping across the nation. Wintertime paddling can be a beautiful thing, but it is critical to invest in the proper gear to keep warm.

Toad & Co. recently launched their extensive line of sustainably made men’s and women’s winter gear and many of the items are perfect for paddling. An advocate of staying on the water 365 days a year, I was happy to put the Timehop Tights and the Wildwood Sherpa Hoodie to the test.

Rebecca Parsons, Toad & Co., Infinity SUP, RNB, Infinity Round Nose Blurr, San Onofre Beach
Photo: Brenna Devlin

The Timehop Tights ($75) are made from 87% recycled polyester and 13% spandex, allowing them to be supportive, moisture-wicking, incredibly soft, and keep unwelcome odors in check. These tights have proven to be breathable, yet warm, making them the perfect go-to tight for flatwater paddling. With two built-in pockets, these tights are ideal for a day on the water or a night out on the town.

The Wildwood Sherpa Hoodie ($149) is made from 35% recycled wool, 30% polyester, 20% nylon, and 15% wool. The wool is sourced in the hills of Italy from old garments and cutting-room scraps. It is then processed mechanically (not chemically) and blended with polyester and nylon for softness and strength. This jacket pairs perfectly with the Timehop Tights and is incredibly warm and flattering. Wear it on the water if you live in a colder region, or throw it on after a long paddle to keep your body temperature toasty warm.

In addition to the Timehop Tights and the Wildwood Sherpa Hoodie, Toad & Co. offers an array of other winter gear–puffy jackets, parks, cargo pants, dresses, and flannels shirts, to name a few. When you shop at Toad & Co., you can feel good, knowing that you’re supporting a company promoting sustainability and doing good in the world.


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