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Standup paddling news headlines from around the world

Shred and Speed. Our friends at Infinity SUP have released their 2018 Product Catalog. There are a few exciting new additions to the new lineup, including a dedicated downwind board known as the Downtown, a pair of inflatable SUPs, new color ways, and more. As always, it is worth browsing for the eye candy alone.

Board class debate. The Carolina Cup organizers made the long overdue decision to allow women competing in the elite division on the vaunted Graveyard course to paddle 14ft and under boards. Angie Jackson, a top Aussie paddler posted the following comment on the move to her Instagram feed. “Carolina Cup Graveyard organisers thank you for having the balls to finally see light and give us Females Equal Board Class as the Men. ‘2018 up to 14ft class’ Good bye 12’6ft Elite Graveyard and Hello to the new Up to 14ft class. Thank you for finally giving females the choice now. Hoping more USA major events follow suit for 2018. Booking my tickets.” Regardless of where you stand on the 12’6″ vs 14′ board class debate, I think we can all agree that from a paddler’s perspective, the change 14ft and under keeps things a bit simpler by placing board length decisions into paddler’s hands.

Racing out West. The Pacific Paddle Games announced it will return to Doheny State Beach on October 6-7, 2018. Feted as the endcap to the professional standup paddling race season, the Pacific Paddle Games is a one of a kind festive gathering of standup paddlers from around the world and is not to be missed.

Trying new craft. Looking over at the world of outrigger canoe paddling, our friends at Mudbrook Racing Paddles recently launched a new website. Founded by Al Ching, father of renowned paddler Danny Ching, Mudbrook produces the finest wood outrigger paddles in the world. If you are looking to diversify your paddling skills and try a new craft, the authentic feel of a Mudbrook Paddle in your hands will set you up for success.



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