Wander Wet Bags: Travel Essentials for an Active Lifestyle

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Wander Wet Bags – Ready to wander wherever life takes you

We’ve all been there. Taken a rewarding vacation or had a great workout only to find ourselves scrounging around for an unsightly plastic bag to keep our wet swimsuit from coming into contact with the rest of our belongings. It never seems to work and despite our best efforts we end up with more wet cloths than before. Enter Wander Wet Bags, a hip California company based in Encinitas and rooted in the active lifestyle of Southern California.

Wander Wet Bags began with one woman’s quest to find a solution for her desire to have a simple, cute, non-utilitarian bag for her wet swimsuit. “I decided to create my own super cute wet swimsuit bag that would be beautiful, reusable, reliable, and, most importantly, would make me smile every time I used it,” said founder Eileen. Each bag is water-resistant, eco-friendly, breathable, machine washable and made using a high quality, medium-weight, 100% cotton fabric with a waterproof, food-safe grade PUL interior lining. Offering different sizes to satisfy all your needs, Wander Wet Bags are cute affordably priced designer bags available in the following dimensions:

  • Small 9.5″ x 8.5″ – Ideal to hold your phone and small essentials
  • Medium 12.5″ x 10.5″ – Perfect for beach, pool, and spa days
  • Large 17″ x 10.5″ – Separates clean clothes from post-workout gear
  • Sport 17″ x 21″ – Holds a full size wetsuit and towel

I recently picked up a medium Coronado in the classic Silver Strand pattern and could not be more pleased with the bag. The Wander Wet Bag holds its shape and has the look and feel of a well designed, long-lasting luxury product. The zipper is colored white to match the bag and is of a durable quality intended for frequent use. Since using my Wander Wet Bag my wet swimsuit is easily kept separate yet conveniently adjacent to my belongings – fully on display. The Wander Wet Bag is also a wonderful accessory to simply organize items in my gear bag. Simply and elegantly functional, I can’t wait to use it on a trip!


Karen Chebatoris
Originally from England, Karen has a MS in Environmental Decision Making and worked at the British Environment Agency for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles. Karen is interested in sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices and has provided the inspiration for a number of SUP Examiner's successful initiatives.


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