Candice Appleby Version 2.0 is Ready to Hit the Waves

Candice Appleby, SUP examiner, Infinity SUP, OnIt Pro


Queen of SUP Teams Up to Showcase Facets and Engage Partners

Ocean athlete and “Queen of SUP” Candice Appleby has teamed with creative agency Brands & Brawn (B&B) and KMM Sports to showcase her facets and expand her brand. As standup paddling’s winningest champion, Appleby is looking to take on new ventures, while growing her role as a motivational speaker, coach and mentor.

A fresh website designed by B&B kicks off a new era for the sports star affectionately known as “Applesteeze.” chronicles the SoCal native’s rise from child surfer to SUP legend, who’s also a fitness and nutrition expert, a champion for those who struggle to fit in and a coach and mentor to today’s rising SUP stars. Additionally, the website’s launch on November 1, 2017 signals Appleby’s ownership of her role as “more than a standup paddler.” KMM’s Kelli Masters, who represents names in the NFL and MLB, says the time is ripe to share Appleby with the world. “I’m so excited to work with Candice, says Master, “because she’s not only massively accomplished at her sport, but has a great heart for others.”

Echoes B&B Creative Director Tony Cavaliere, “Our team was amazed and inspired not only by Candice’s athleticism and competitive drive, but by her generous spirit, faith and desire to motivate others to become the best version of themselves. We wanted Candice’s site to reflect all of who she is: an elite athlete, as well as a positive role model for women and kids.”

Candice Appleby 2.0

The site is designed to engage visitors and invite both fans and brand partners—past, present and future—into Candice’s world on and off the water. Continues Cavaliere, “As an agency, we’re all about authentically pouring into people we care about. We put a lot of passion into revealing our clients’ strengths and sharing who they are professionally and personally. Our goal is to show how fantastic and valuable they are, to prompt and promote symbiotic relationships, old and new. We feel we’ve achieved that with this first step: reintroducing Candice Appleby to her fans and inviting others, including potential business partners, to meet her.”

Appleby says “Candice Appleby Version 2.0” has sparked a happy union among her, B&B and KMM Sports. “I’m really proud of the website B&B created and how it represents me,” she says. “Now I have a platform that lets me spotlight all I have to offer. I also feel so blessed to have Kelli on my team. She’s known for working with exceptional athletes who are also exceptional individuals. I couldn’t be more psyched. And I’m ready to grow.”

For more information on partnering with Candice Appleby, contact Kelli Masters at (405) 232-0621.


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