Movie Review: Conversessions, a Film by Brent Deal


Taking a look at Conversessions and what makes it great

Good surf movies are about having fun. Great surf movies are those which inspire others to have fun. Conversessions, a recently released film by Brent Deal starring Dave Boehne, Dave Kalama and Colin McPhillips achieves both without being overloaded with hi-tech or predictable choreographed scenes and plot lines. It is great due to its authentic, non-GMO, organic simplicity. A compilation of footage shot in Mexico and Costa Rica, Conversessions has been artfully edited to weave together a compelling tale about the pure thrill of riding waves on a SUP.

I caught a screening a few weeks back at the film’s “international premiere” in Dana Point. The screening was held outdoors, SoCal style, in the parking lot at Infinity Surfboard Co in front of a full house of fans lining the pavement on blankets and beach chairs. Running at just under 30 minutes, the short film is packed with an engaging dialogue on SUP surfing and life goals interspersed with a healthy dose of action footage. One of the best aspects of Conversessions is its ability to relate to its audience. There are no monster sized waves or wild circus tricks. The film is just a good old-fashioned surf trip. The kind which can easily be had by you and me.

Conversessions has been nominated for Movie of the Year at the annual SUP Awards, hosted by SUP the Mag. Take the time to watch the full length film and cast your vote. Voting ends tonight, September 18th at 11:59 Pacific Time. Click here to vote!



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