Quickblade Introduces Telescoping Travel Paddle

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Telescoping travel paddle: lightweight performance in a convenient package

As new paddling events pop up each year across North America and around the world, incorporating standup paddling into travel plans is an area for growth across the industry. Packing a long, full length paddle for an airline is always a roll of the dice. You never know if it will survive intact or simply disappear with all the vagaries of modern commercial airline travel. Multi-piece travel paddles have been around for a while, but historically this has meant sacrificing weight and performance. You end up with something you’d never use at home, but take it along out of convenience.

With Quickblade Paddles’ new telescoping travel paddle you no longer have to make that sacrifice. The paddles start at 575g (20.2oz), likely making them the lightest and strongest performance travel paddle on the market. I’m a longtime user of Quickblade paddles for SUP and outrigger and while I haven’t seen one of their new telescoping travel paddles in person, I’m familiar with Quickblade’s paddle designs and the quality of their product.

Take a look at the accompanying video from Quickblade and you be the judge.

About Quickblade Paddles

Quickblade products are the natural evolution of paddle performance founded on years of competitive racing by Jim Terrell. Jim’s paddling career began in southwest Ohio on the Little Miami River near his hometown of Milford. The signature feature of all Quickblade paddles is excellent performance. A quick catch at the beginning and a clean exit at the end of the stroke prompted the name Quickblade. Only after determining the ultimate requirements for performance, was the compromise of strength, durability, lightweight and cost addressed.

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