Gear Review: Wicked Audio’s Reach Converts Wired Headphones To Bluetooth

Wicked Audio Reach, Bluetooth, Headphones, Reach, sup examiner

Wicked Audio Delivers A Convenient Way to Use Your Headphones

Wicked Audio, manufacturers of stylish headphones for the musician, athlete and active soul in all of us, introduced an accessory that will allow consumers to keep their beloved wired headphones and earphones and use them wirelessly. With the new Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver, BT (4.2) signal can be pulled from any mobile device to stream music to headphones, offering a 30 ft. range.

Making every headphone wireless, The Reach delivers the highly-demanded portability and accessibility for today’s generation of mobile consumers. Reach is a timely solution for those wanting to keep their favorite and/or pricey headphones and earphones.

Wicked Audio Reach, Bluetooth, Headphones, Reach, sup examiner, gear review
The Reach from Wicked Audio.

Reach measures a mere 1.5 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and .25 inches deep to seamlessly fit in with any usual attire or easily slip into a pocket or bag. It’s completely hands-free and features a clothing clip for on-the-go usability. Reach recharges in approximately 1.5 hours and offers 5 total hours of battery life. Users can control volume and tracks from the device itself and it comes equipped with a built in phone mic.

“People shouldn’t have to sacrifice their current favorite collections of headphones and earphones just because technology catapults them forward,” said Paul Marshall, Founder, Wicked Audio. “With millions of iPhone users probably looking to upgrade to the iPhone 7, the Reach couldn’t be any more valuable. We’re excited for the opportunity to keep people connected.”

I found the Reach Bluetooth device particularly useful as it allows me to listen to music and podcasts on my iPhone at the beach without compromising the integrity of my phone’s waterproof case. The Reach itself isn’t waterproof, so don’t take it paddling unless you are confident you won’t get it wet. It’s a great device, however, for using headphones outdoors in that it enables you to keep your device (phone/tablet) safe and secure while allowing you to still use all its audio functions.

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MSRP: $19.99

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