The Breakfast Club: Dana Point’s OG Paddle Group

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SUP Provides Natural Cohesion for Paddle Groups

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed about SUP since I first discovered it was its amazing ability to create camaraderie among paddlers. Out of this shared sense of camaraderie I’ve seen the formation of paddlers getting together on a regular basis and paddling as groups.  During my travels around the country I’ve seen all kinds of groups from, training groups, surfing groups, downwind groups and women’s only groups.

I think women are leading in this category and may perhaps even have started the trend but I found a paddle group in Dana Point that is a co-ed and meets several times a week and every Tuesday they meet for breakfast after they paddle.

They are a fun group of people mostly made up of retirees who share a love for paddling. The BB Beach Crew as they like to call themselves is made up of a diverse group of vastly different professions and backgrounds.  They have a Nuclear Engineer, Fireman, Flight Attendant, Ex Mayor, Naval officer, an Electrician, etc.…

For these folks it’s about no attitudes or drama and having fun is the number one priority.  The group started out small with few people who know each other and then over time the number has grown to 17 members. They meet at Dana Point harbor 3 days a week at 8:30 am, the length and direction of the paddles vary with the wind and weather and sometimes not everyone makes it.

What other sport or outdoor activity (other than lawn bowling) do you see so many retired people getting together as a group doing something healthy that’s keeps them outdoors.  If you’d like to join them just show up at Baby Beach in the Dana Point Harbor with your board and paddle and you’re in. Or perhaps start a paddle group of your own.

See you on the water…

The Breakfast Club Paddle Group Includes

Steve Gerhard, Rich Maxey, Joyce Johnson, Artie Studenbauer, Jim & Sally Young, Steve Godett, Steve Behmerwohld, Doug Sanders, Sam Allevato, Greg Sisola, Beanie Hefner, Will Johnson, Elliot Levenson, John Schuck, Harry Newman, Keith Miller


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