Toad & Co. Does More Than Just Make Clothes

Toad & Co., SUP Examiner, Rebecca Parsons

Toad & Co. – Sustainable Fashion For Active Lifestyles

This fall marks a major milestone for Toad & Co., as they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. If you aren’t familiar, they are an outdoor clothing company that pride themselves in being the original “trail to tavern” brand. Originally founded in Telluride, Colorado, they’re all about traveling light and being ready for anything. They make base layers and dresses that are functional and fashionable, perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town.

The company is not only focused on making versatile clothing, but on doing good in the community and for the environment. Their heart is clearly visible in their mission statement: “To lead with integrity and weave optimism into everything we do; to create meaningful change through socially and environmentally smart business; to inspire people to live their fullest lives.”

Toad & Co., SUP Examiner, Rebecca Parsons
Courtesy of Toad & Co.

As an effort in sustainability, Toad & Co. makes products that last and encourage customers to fully wear out the product or pass it on. They suggest saving water and energy by washing less and boldly state that “dirty is the new clean.” The garments are made from sustainable fibers, such as organic cotton, Tencel, and Modal. They steer clear of acrylic, traditional rayon, and viscose due to their dirty production processes and instead opt for recycled polyester and wool. Their efforts in using eco-friendly materials apply not only to their clothes, but to their shipping materials as well: their hang tags are made from recycled card-stock and their bags are made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials. The company is always striving to improve their practices and are constantly reevaluating their methods and striving to implement more sustainable practices.  

Aside from an internal focus on environmentally friendly methods, Toad & Co. is constantly reaching out to the community. They can be found clearing creek beds of trash, weeding at botanic gardens, aiding in land restoration, planting native plants, volunteering in organic soup kitchens, donating clothing to those in need, or working with adults with disabilities, the list goes on. They practice what they preach and their team is made up of kind-hearted people who are not only active in the office, but in the community as well.

Are They Worth It?

While Toad & Co. sounds great on paper, you’re probably wondering if their products are really worth your hard-earned dollars. Winter is rapidly approaching and I was in need of some warm clothes for cold nights on the beach and to throw on in between sessions, so I decided to give the eco-friendly company a go. I invested in a pair of leggings, a flannel, and a baseball cap and let me tell you, the products certainly exceeded my expectations. The material is extremely soft and high-quality and the outfit has quickly become a staple for my active lifestyle. I wear the flannel and leggings for camping, hiking, paddling, and after chilly surf sessions, and out to dinner after my adventures have concluded. I love what Toad & Co. stands for and I love that they follow through with top-notch products.


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