Gear Review: The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Sport Watch

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Color options galore.

Having a reliable sport watch with a sensible set of functions is an invaluable training tool. Having one that fits your lifestyle is even better, but may be harder to find. Since moving to California, it is fair to say I’ve embraced the laid back lifestyle. This can mean different things to different people. For me, it means in part that I now consider flip-flops an acceptable form of footwear. I wear them whenever possible – I even have a “dress” pair. This is all part of my mindset of relaxing and setting myself free. Another aspect of this mantra is that I stopped wearing a watch on a normal basis and it was not long before I began to feel the same about wearing a watch as I did about putting on a pair of closed toed shoes – if it wasn’t necessary, then I don’t do it. I was therefore both an unlikely candidate and the perfect candidate to test and review the latest iteration of one of Timex’s long running and successful products, the Ironman sport watch.

About the Ironman Sleek 150 Sport Watch

Timex offers their Ironman watch in a variety of models, among which includes the Sleek 150. Naming the model “Sleek” is appropriate given the model’s modern, light weight, and low profile design. Unless you are the type of person who enjoys lugging around a bulky sport watch on their wrist as a status symbol to your perceived physical prowess – and we all know those types exist – then you will be pleased to learn that the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 watch is the polar opposite while retaining all the functionality and durability. This is a watch you can truly wear without noticing that you are wearing a watch. Viewed from a different perspective, this is a watch for people who don’t like wearing one. This is a watch for me!

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Color options galore!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of sport watches out there, most with the same or similar features. The primary differences are not in the features as much as a case of what does the watch look like, is it comfortable to wear, and how are the features accessed.

Watches are also a lot like a computer. Both can perform a range of tasks, but we only really use a portion of their functionality on a regular basis. Importantly, we don’t want the features we do not routinely use getting in the way of accessing the ones we do. In this regard, the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 excels and was notably impressive.

The main menu is activated via a long and slim button on the right side of the watch. It happens to be an orange button on the model I tested, but the color may change as Timex offers a veritable spectrum of color options with the Ironman Sleek 150. What I liked the most about the button is that is easy to use. It is not a small little pinhead that if you don’t push it just right you wonder if the button is broken or if you just are not pushing in the right spot. The button is sensible and when you push it if feels like you have done something which will be followed by a response, e.g. it will display the main menu.

The display on the Ironman Sleek 150 is large, which makes it easy to see when working out. I found this to be particularly welcome as a paddler as I didn’t have to squint at the watch in the glare of the sunlight or bring my arm up to my face to read the display. It is simply nice and large so you can easily read it engaged in strenuous activity.

The tap screen technology is great once you acclimate yourself to the best “tap” setting, of which there are four options: off, light, medium, and hard. For paddling, I found the medium setting worked best. Light was too responsive and I found I activated it unintentionally on a couple of occasions.

The watch allows you to program two interval training sessions and save your workouts. As someone who did not regularly wear a sport watch in the past I didn’t fully appreciate the value of saving your session until I received a prompt inquiring whether or not I wanted to save my session at the conclusion of my experiment using the interval training feature. I selected “save” in large part just to see what it did and continued to do so on a block of follow on sessions using the interval training feature.

Just like the other features I had explored, the save your session feature was straightforward and easy to access. So if you are someone who likes to log their training and occasionally review when and what type of workout you performed, the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 will enable you to easily do that without any fuss.

Features on the Timex Ironman Sleek 150

  • Tapscreen Technology Controls Stopwatch and Timers
  • Lightweight Performance Design
  • Easy to Use Menu Based System
  • Stopwatch with 150 Lap Memory, Interval Timer, Target Pacer, & Hydration Alerts
  • 100 Meter Water Resistance
  • INDIGLO® Night-Light

Timex’s slogan for the Ironman Sleek 150 sport watch is, “For the Athlete Who Wants Everything”. Based on my experience testing out a model I think this perfectly captures what the model can do for you. Lightweight, attractive, functional and easy to use, the Ironman Sleek 150 is a great sport watch for anyone looking for a high performance watch without the need to get bogged with a volume of new technical details just to use the watch.

MSRP: $79.95



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