Spotlight on the Future: Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen

Annakari Hoyer -Nielsen, Annakari Hoyer -Nielsen, Spotlight on the Future

Fourteen year old Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen was looking for a change of pace from her pre-professional dance program and recently took up prone paddling. She has come to really enjoy the new sport, especially the opportunity it affords her to spend time on the water with her father. So much so, Annakari recently entered her first race earlier this month – the Battle of the Bay in scenic [and sometimes fog covered] San Francisco Bay. Keep reading to learn how she did!

SUP Examiner recently connected with Annakari’s parents to learn a little bit more about the multi-talented and inspiring young paddler. We’re impressed with what we learned and we think you will be too.

Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen

What is Annakari’s favorite subject in school?

Annakari Hoyer -Nielsen, Spotlight on the Future, Golden Gate Bridge, Battle of the Bay
Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen charging up the beach to the finish at the Battle of the Bay.


What are her interests outside of paddling?

Dance, hanging out with friends, and raising Guide Dog puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Is Annakari involved in any other sports? If so, what are they?


What does she enjoy the most about paddling?

Spending time with dad…prone paddling is hard work!

What are some of Annakari’s notable paddling achievements?

1st place prone division Battle of the Bay.

Where is Annakari’s favorite place to paddle?

Hawaii, warm water!

Does she participate in competitions?


What is her favorite memory/experience while paddling?

Paddling near the Golden Gate Bridge with her dad.

Is there someplace Annakari would like to paddle, but has not yet visited?

Yes, New Zealand!

Thank you for your time. We’re looking forward to watching Annakari’s paddling career progress. See you on the water!

Annakari Hoyer -Nielsen, Annakari Hoyer -Nielsen, Spotlight on the Future
Annakari Hoyer-Nielsen and her father passing by the Golden Gate Bridge.


  1. Great to see and hear about the next generation of kids. Seems like she has a great head on her shoulders. Nice article Matt

  2. Thanks Jamie Mitchell. Annakari actually played with your baby while we were waiting for the finishers (her brother ) at M2O. Didn’t know it was yours until we saw an IG photo, small world!

  3. This is so inspiring! I have a 13 year old daughter, Keala, who is also getting into water sports as well as JuiJitsu and Polo. Annakari’s motivation is such a great example for her. Good job Annarkari! Hope to see you on Maui one day. Aloha, Andrea.


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