The New ECOPEBBLE Lite from ECOXGEAR Delivers Compact Sound on the Water


The submersible sound folks at ECOXGEAR have recently launched a sibling to their popular ECOPEBBLE waterproof speaker, the ECOPEBBLE Lite. Drawing from the same DNA as it predecessor, the new speaker is a smaller and more nimble version with the same great sound, functionality and durability the brand is known for.

About the ECOPEBBLE Lite

  • Weighs 5.5 oz., comes with an adjustable bungee carry strap and has a built in mounting screw post insert
  • The speaker is fully submersible with an IP67 waterproof certification
  • Designed to float and crafted with side panel control buttons, including a quick access speakerphone
  • Built with a 3 watt full-fidelity mono speaker and Li-Ion rechargeable battery suitable for over seven hours of playtime

At approximately half the size of the ECOPEBBLE, the new scaled down Lite version is around the same size as a typical GPS/stroke rate device used by competitive paddlers. The speaker can be mounted to a SUP with an easily attainable standard ¼ inch screw mount and is a nice piece of gear for anyone who enjoys listening to music or any type of audio while paddling. The buttons are very easy to use and the device features audible on/off and Bluetooth pairing announcements which alleviate any ambiguity on its current status.

Side by side: ECOPEBBLE Lite (left), ECOPEBBLE (right)

The speaker comes with a bungee lanyard which works great as a quick and easy way to attach the speaker to a leash plug or bungee system on your board if you are not using a screw mount. The bungee lanyard can also be used to attach the device to a backpack or to hang it up wherever you desire. My wife enjoys listening to audio books on her iPhone and likes to hang the waterproof speaker in the shower after paddling.

The smaller size of the ECOPEBBLE Lite makes it a bit more approachable and diverse of a product than the full sized ECOPEBBLE, but it is equally as durable. The compact speaker is currently available in four colors: Orange, Black, Blue and Aqua and measures 3” x 1.6” compared to the 2.9” x 2.9” of the standard ECOPEBBLE.

Use of the speakerphone function is subject to the ambient noise levels and is not the device’s strong suit due to the quality of the microphone, e.g. don’t expect to be able to carry on a phone conversation while stand up paddling when the ECOPEBBLE lite is mounted at foot level. Due to its small size and weight, the device is also easy to attach to the ama of an outrigger canoe for paddlers involved in multiple water sports.

All in all, this is a fun, easy to use accessory which I recommend for anyone interested in a well designed waterproof, Bluetooth speaker.    

MSRP: $39.99

Disclosure: I received a sample for review, however, the opinions expressed are my own.

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